Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 1 Seattle embarkation

The long awaited day has finally arrived….. About 10:30 this morning I went to board the ms Amsterdam and was pleasantly surprised to find no waiting time. I got right on board and it wasn’t long before I started getting settled in. I ran into several people I me on previous voyages and a number of crew members. Unfortunately some of my favorite staff members are gone on vacation. I guess I’ll have to get to know a whole new group. One of the first things I noticed was that there were new lounge chairs at the pool. They just arrived a week ago. Kudos to Holland America, great job! Now as we get ready to set out on our voyage my initial concern will be the weather for the next 10 days…. I hope there is a spot of warmth and sun from time to time….. Off I go……




I would bet that the new chairs have a direct correlation to your embarkation. Have a great trip, and a Diet Coke for me.

Hope all is well-


foxpaw said...

Jeff -

Looking forward to meeting you "for real"! I was aboard for the first half of the Asia/Pacific Voyage last year, leaving the ship in Singapore.

This year, I complete the journey, by rejoining the ship in Singapore on 22 October.

I'm closely involved with the Cruise Critic group I was last year.

I watched the Amsterdam sail via a Seattle webcam on Friday evening. Now, I will follow your/our (soon) journey very closely via your blog.

Thanks so much for your posts. It was a joy to read last year's blog and relive all the fantastic times we had from Seattle to Singapore.

As a retired Naval Officer, may I take this opportunity to wish you Fair Winds and Following Seas as you head across the North Pacific. The satellite shows one strong cold front that should affect your weather Sunday and Monday with a few showers and chilly winds from dead ahead.

See you in Singapore!

Nick Sabalos
CDR, USN (Ret)
Springfield, VA
foxpaw (at)

allan said...

The chairs Me thinks Fast Eddie and apple had somthing to do with this improvment. Give trhem our best. Alsas

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage, Jeff!

Cheers, Roma :)

Holly said...

I keep seaching the chair photo looking for the one that's reserved for the "Tan Man". It's gotta be there somewhere.........