Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 9 At Sea

Today was a pretty nice day. The seas have calmed, the winds moderating and a lot of sunshine. I really enjoyed the fact that we are inching nearer to our scheduled ports of call and warmer weather. We are sailing close to the coast of Japan and are scheduled to take on our pilot at 0530 tomorrow morning. We will be docked in Hakodate by 0800. We have to go through Japanese immigration procedures which include finger prints and photos. I just hope Interpol doesn’t get their hands on them…. J I will be taking a ship’s tour. Here is the description:
A Day in Hakodate
This morning, visit the Goryokaku Tower--a graceful structure dating back to 1864, built
to defend Hokkaido and now surrounded by a public park. Next is a visit Hakodate Morning Market, which is made up of more than 400 stalls lining the walkways, selling everything from groceries to clothing, souvenirs to shoes, and more! You will also visit the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse area, remodeled in 1988 as part of a waterfront area redevelopment with a theme
of combining the old and the new. After lunch at local restaurant, take the aerial cableway up Mt. Hakodate. From the top you can look back over the Hakodate Peninsula, viewing the city, the ocean and an endless panorama. Back in town, you will visit a Trappistine Convent known for its
picturesque red brick walls and green roof. The Trappistine Convent was built for the Order of St. Benedict and is now home to seventy nuns. The convent also operates a store selling dolls, candies and cookies made by the nuns.

I am ready for this new adventure to unfold….. Japan, here I come!


Kween Karen said...

I am enjoying your blog SOOO much. It is preparing me for MY long cruise on the Amsterdam (which is exactly one year away!!)
Yesterday I spent a good portiion of the day reading your previous adventures.....many of which took you to places I will also visit.
See you tomorrow!!

allan said...

I hope you love your day in Japan. What was the boat? Your next few days should be a true adventure. Happy sailing Allan and Sandra

Mark James said...

Interesting travelogue, but seems sad that you are unable to find a more contributory pursuit than months of continual pleasure seeking.

Cruising must be great, but the same vessel---month after month, repeating places,surely tarnishing the pleasure of what novelty bestows !!

Jeff Farschman said...

Mark James..... Sorry I don't meet your expectations. You are obviously unenlightened and uninformed about what I do and why. I am exploring the world, meeting amazing people and living life to the fullest. Now if you think that is sad I can't help it.....