Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 8 At Sea

Today was not too bad considering the weather. We still have gale force winds and cold temperatures. We have a lot more sun but at times it’s just too cold to sit. The winds are swirling and you really can’t get out of them too easily. This makes for a pretty cold wind chill, too much for me (at times). Tonight is a formal night, Black & White theme, without the scheduled ball. The rough seas make it a bit dangerous for the ladies in heels. I am having drinks with the Captain & Apollonia after dinner which should be nice. It would have been nice if Allan & Sandra were there, we talk about them often.... I’ll get a photo with everyone scrubbed up…. We only have one more day at sea before we reach our first port of Hakodate, Japan. I am enjoying the people on this voyage, they are very pleasant. Some voyages you run across a lot of disagreeable people and others you meet a lot of really nice people. After a bit more than a week aboard I am happy to report that the food has been excellent. Even with a much smaller selection of choices as was the case in the past, the choices that remain are very good. The staff are very pleasant and the service impeccable as usual. I’m glad that we are getting ready to start getting serious about visiting some interesting places. We could have some excitement in our future…. I understand a typhoon is heading for Hong Kong…..


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff....sorry about the weather. When your kit went missing from the deck the other day I immediately thought of the yellow bikini that went missing on the Amsterdam from that lovely lady Anita!! Say hi to Apple and Fast Eddie from P and M.

allan said...

Hey sandra and I miss you also. Tell Fast Eddie the decks look good. Talking about looking good they both look very well. Your tan manship is of the highest level. You are a tru Black Belt 14th tan. All our love Sandra and Allan

whitey said...

We need futher imput on Anita's mishap?
Jeff weather here in the far north has been fine but cooler temps coming this week. Mind you warmer than your location without the company.
I agree with another poster about NO ONE outside. Christ it would be bad for the poolside waiters.