Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 3 At Sea

The forecast for today didn’t look too spectacular….. Force 6 wind and 52 degrees F. I went out this morning around 0730… a little early for this location. Anyway, I went up to my favorite sheltered place, dropped off my towels and pack at my chair and went in for a bite of breakfast. Imagine my surprise when I returned about 20 minutes later I returned to find my pack gone. Those of you who know me know I have it packed for the day with lots of necessities like cameras, GPS lotions, various other gadgets, etc. Needless to say I was fairly upset. I reported it to the bar staff and they began a search and lo and behold found it. It was stuffed into the bottom of a towel bin perhaps for storage for a pickup later…… I reported it to Security. Now it will be a pain in the @%# because I feel it is necessary to take my belongings with me when I go somewhere. I have never had a problem like this in all my years of cruising and that is a lot of cruises….. Probably around 100+
The morning was a severe challenge, high winds, cold temps and way too many clouds. I went in for brief periods during extremely overcast and cold periods to wait it out. Finally things improved and by late morning it was great!!!!! I got lots of sun and was able to get out of the wind on deck 9 aft. The new chairs are very comfy. So far so good on this artic crossing…… Yesterday the seas were like a lake and we saw lots of dolphins and whales. Today we had a bit more seas but still fairly smooth. I didn’t see and sea life today, probably because I was hunkered down out of the wind.
Tonight we have our first formal night and the Captain’s Welcome Toast. Time to get scrubbed up and put on my fancy duds…. Oh yeah, I also have noticed the affect of high fuel costs. There have been definite budget cuts as far as the food budget is concerned. They have taken it down a notch. I’m sure you are not surprised Allan….. I wonder what the Grand World Voyage will be like?


Dale & Kim said...

Hi Jeff, we met you last year on the Amsterdam during the 64 day Asia Pacific cruise. We were the "younger couple". We recently found your cruise blog and we have enjoyed reviewing it. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with your missing bag, but I'm glad you got your camera and personal property back. Well, just wanted to say "Hi" and have a safe and enjoyable cruise. We will be following your blog. Dale & Kim

Anonymous said...

Well here you go again and I am once again along for the ride. I hope you enjoy the incredible blessings of life and meeting so many people from around the world. Every time you take one of your "jeff shots" of someone, I feel like I am saying "hello!"

Safe travels and much love,

Dani McCauley (Allan and Sandra's Daughter)

whitey said...

Mystery on the high seas:
Could there be another diet coke addict on board? Could have been the deck hand resonsible for eliminating chair hogs? I see there was a line up for those chairs.
I feel for the person air lifted off. Probably waited years to do this adventure only to get sick once underway. Such a shame. This probably why your doing it at such a young age!!!!!! Are you the youngest on board?

Holly said...

Unbelievable. I would have thought that since HAL saw to it you got new chairs, they would have made sure a kleptomaniac wasn't on board. It will be a pain in the @$$ to haul your bag around, but it's better than not having it to haul around.

Oh the flip side, glad to see that you are working on the tundra tan.

holly said...

PS - I think Crayola will like the new color - Tundra Tan - has a nice ring to it!

Joan said...

Hi Jeff,

Love your blog. So do the grandkids! If you get a chance - can you please ring and say Hi to John and MaryAnn Darcy. So shocked and sad to hear about medvac taking the lady - but tell them glad it wasn't them :) Joanie