Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 2 At Sea

Today was a very interesting day. Early this morning we were sailing in some pretty thick fog and haze and heading basically in a westerly direction. I stopped by the gym (don’t get excited, I wasn’t going to work out) to see Apollonia, the Captain’s better half to say hello. I asked her to have a word with the Captain to change course and find us some sun. Lo and behold, around 0930 the sun popped out (she’s very influential)and I had a brilliant day. Around 11ish as I sat there bronzing, facing the sun, I noticed the sun moving fairly quickly to the side. I looked and sure enough we were turning. I got out my GPS and saw we were headed North…. This was not in my plan. North was all I needed….colder weather. Then I noticed we kept turning and sure enough we were turning around. As it turns out one of the more influential passengers had left a suitcase behind in Seattle and we were going back for it. Or…… we were turning back so the Canadian Coast Guard could do a medical evacuation from the ship. OK, well go with that one, too bad to because the other explanation would have been pretty exciting. About 4 hours later we successfully completed the medical evacuation and turned back toward Japan. I sat out in the sun for about 6 hours and was very grateful for such an excellent day all things considered…..


holly said...

6 hours? A bonus day on day one? That just isn't right..........

Hey why not skip the chairs and just head straight to the hammock? I don't think you'd need tools for that.

allan said...

Jeff was it your influence that got fast Eddie to go toward the sun,or Apple. you know exactly what to do.hope you get more bonus days.Allan and Sandra

Anonymous said...


Buddy and I hope you have another wonderful adventure. Wish we were there with you as you are sailing to my favorite part of the world.

Looking forward to my daily fix of your blog - next best thing to being there!

Bon Voyage! Love, Lynn