Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 5 At Sea

Today was a day of extremes….. This morning I came out to winds that were near gale force, rain and cold temperatures. I had no expectation of this day developing into anything other than a gloomy day. I spent the morning sitting in the Lido Pool area mid ship (enclosed area) reading, doing puzzles and listening to music. This was interrupted occasionally as a friend would stop by and chat. At 12:15 precisely, I noticed a brightening of the sky as I looked through the pool roof. I looked outside the window and saw clear skies coming fast…. Winds and cold be damned, I was going outside…. I spent the next couple of hours in heaven. I got out of the wind and the sun warmer me up nicely. This was wonderful, especially after the Captain came on with his daily announcement at 1:00, detailing navigational and weather information. Apparently overnight we are going to start experiencing rough seas and gale force winds. Too bad, he has so far eluded three storms but I guess this one is going to get us. I don’t expect to be outside again for at least a day or two, unless it is to take a wicked photo of a passing ship in rough seas….. It was a very nice day and so far I am quite pleased that I have gotten out each day so far, much better than I expected prior to departure. I am really enjoying seeing the Captain and his wife Apollonia again along with crew members and guests from prior voyages. Some people have even come up to introduce them selves because they have been following my blog and know me from there….


Anonymous said...

Glad a couple hours of sunshine came your way.
So what's on your playlist? Do you change it up for each voyage? Do you bring your own library? A love to read and I always pack at least 5 books for a 10 day. I can't imagine my challenge for a longer cruise. I was thinking of getting an e-book but I think I would miss the feeling of a book in my hand.
Cheers, Chatty ROma :)

Holly said...

Caption for photo:

No assembly required

Jeff Farschman said...

I am doing books on my Ipod just so I dont have to lug them with me. It also cuts down on any potential shadows caused by books while I sit in the sun.

Holly said...

Shadows. Now that made me laugh out loud. But I do know what you are saying. Back when I could tan, I was always worried about lines.

Anyhow, why I looked again at your blog today, was that I want you to know the sunset photo I submitted to the contest won! I'm so excited. Only sad thing that the night the winners are being honored, I'll be at Fiesta. But on the bright side, I'll be taking more photos!

Patting myself on the back. Woohoo!!