Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seattle, Washington

I arrived in Seattle this afternoon around 6:30. I am staying at a little place called the Inn at Harbor Steps and it is very nice. They even provide free diet coke..... can't beat that! It certainly was a long flight but I survived. Now I can relax and start getting excited about the upcoming voyage. Tomorrow should be fairly plesant and I will spend time checking out the city. I really do hate long flights. I am currently planning on taking the world voyage for 2010 but it ends in L.A. If there isn't a cruise through the canal back to Florida I may cancel that plan. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.


whitey said...

Free diet coke......
Jeff I think they mean per glass not per case.
Have a good one.

Sweets said...

I guess now you will always want to stay at this hotel when you're in Seattle! We all know free Diet Coke is as good as it gets!

Have a wonderful adventure and I almost forgot...when you're lonely,and want to spend some of your money(rich guy) give us(one of your many friends) a call!

And to Holly and Whitey, expect to be hearing more from the Mayor...he has time on his hands now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Hard to believe summer is passed and you're underway again. Bon Voyage and may the sun gods shine on your trip.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us and your wonderful photos.
New deck chairs or are you bringing your tool kit???
BVH-Groton, CT

Ken said...

Bon Voyage Jeff, looking forward to reading of your adventures.

After flying to Australia and China within 7 months, a cross country flight seems like a walk in the park. We are flying to Rome in a few days for a Med Cruise and the thought of a "short" seven hour flight dosen't bother me at all after those 13 to 15 hour flights. I guess it is all relative.

Enjoy your cruise, we will enjoy reading about it.