Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 137 Antarctica...

Well, up to this point we have seen a lot of different aspects of Antarctica. Today we got a huge exposure to the weather of the Antarctic region. We have had gale force winds, fog, lots of driving snow and the usual smattering of icebergs… It kind of takes the scenic out of scenic cruising. The Indonesians & Filipinos on board we very excited about the snow. This was the first exposure to snow for many. It’s a shame that out last day in Antarctica was a bust but I am thankful for the two previous days…. they were grand! We are supposed to make one last attempt for a stop at Elephant Island but I believe we are just going through the motions…. no hope. If I am wrong, I will update as necessary.

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vickie said...

Oh no, it snowed? What's up with that? or is that you hidden in that snowman??? Yep, you are not forgetting winter on this trip. Keep warm (and healthy)