Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 151 At Sea

The days have a certain sameness to them now. It seems that it is a bit on the cool side in the morning but warms up nicely as the day goes on. Traveling east is also having an effect on us. Losing 4 hours in a 5-6 day period has affected sleep patterns quit a bit. This is exacerbated when you have a bad cold…. The days nonetheless are quit relaxing. We received an unusual pillow gift in the evening. It was an Amaryllis Hydro-cultur. The note that came with it said “Turning this gift into a beautiful Amaryllis requires three simple ingredients: one part daylight, one part water and one part love! Seems simple enough unless you have an inside cabin. In that case you can just watch the bulb sit there and do nothing….. Tomorrow is our last day at sea before we reach Namibia. It will be time to go out in the desert then….

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