Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 146 At Sea

It was a fairly lazy day today…. The weather was for the most part cloudy but the temperature was OK. I went to the Mariner’s Brunch which was nice. I sat with my friends Allan, Sandra, Corrine, Judith & Joop. We had a nice meal and some wonderful conversation. I was happy to see that the Captain & Hotel Manager hosted tables. The event was well done. Since it was pretty overcast at the time it wasn’t as painful as if it were bright & sunny. After lunch, went up on deck and sat out for a couple of hours before I went for a nice long hot stone massage. That’s the way to brighten up any day. The woman in the Spa who gives me my massages, Kat Kat is simply wonderful…. I highly recommend her! Hopefully tomorrow will bring a little more sunshine.

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vickie said...

So glad to hear you finally got your 700 Day the "right way". Welcome to the club (officially).
Now it onward to 1500... Vickie