Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 156 Cape Town, South Africa

Today I went into Cape Town and checked out the harbor are which I missed when I was here last year. It was a really cool place. I had planned on going up on Table Mountain but as you can see it was covered in clouds. That coupled with the high winds made that idea a bad one. It was a nice day. Tomorrow It’s time to take an airplane to Port Elizabeth for a safari. It will be 3 days at Amakhala checking out the critters… I will post when I return to the ship.


PictureTaker said...

Impressive cloud over Table Mountain. Loved the little blonde kid imitating his mama.

guy said...

Was the ship docked right in the downtown area? When mom and I took the prinsendam, we were docked right at the downtown area. We loved it because we had a total of 5 days to explore the great cape town area.