Wednesday, June 23, 2010

England Road trip.... Day 6, Bar Harbor

The great weather had to end some day I guess, too bad it had to be today. It rained in buckets today, what a bummer..... I went out anyway and went to the other side of the island to check out Bass Harbor Lighthouse. Despite the rain the lighthouse is just amazing. It was a bit tricky climbing out on the rocks and boulders down on the shore to get the best possible photo angle but.... mission accomplished. I spend the rest of the time walking the woods, checking out the shore and countryside for great scenery. As rainy days goes this was pretty good. I sat down and had lobster for lunch and relaxed the rest of the day.... Big day tomorrow.... I drive to St. John, New Brunswick Canada taking the long route along the coast of Maine. It is called Maine's Big Sur in the National Geographic book "Scenic Highways & Byways". It should be very lovely.... hope the weather cooperates!

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Holly said...

amazing as always - thanks for sharing