Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New England Road trip Day 12, Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

Today I went to Litchfield Hills... It is an area in Connecticut that was depicted in my National Geographic book as a scenic drive. Litchfield, the town, was fabulous... It is very historic and figured prominently if the founding of this country. The rest of the drive was nice as well. I loved the covered bridges, waterfalls and great scenery. I am starting to tire of the driving... It is difficult trying to stop or find a place to stop for photo ops at times... I see some time relaxing by the pool or beach in the near future......


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying the pics from an area we do not usually get to! Loved the bridges!

Vickie said...

I've been getting caught up on your travels Lost track of you while I was on the Amsterdam in Alaska. Great photos as always and a bummer about the liquid sunshine but the pics and views were great even with the fog. I'm off tomorrow to Venice to the Nieuw Amsterdam for the maiden voyage on 7/4 It should be a lot warmer than last summer on the Voyage of the Vikings.
Continue to travel safe

William said...

Hi Jeff,

Enjoying your beautiful photos and wonderful journal of the road trip. However, I am sure it is a lot of work and you deserve some beach time. Carolyn and I have just returned from a three week cruise on the Prinsendam, mostly around Norway. We visited the northenmost city in Europe to complement our visit with you to the southernmost city in the world. Incidently, a libriarian on the Prinsendam was the same as with us on the Amsterdam.


Bill Gooden

guy said...

i love the covered bridges. makes you appreciate the american past, and present. Well we are off to do the Voyage of the vikings cruise in 2 wks. Somehow my mind is not as excited as it was earlier when we booked the cruise.
Am really enjoying the photos of yours. Great that you are discovering the states by doing road trips.

Jeff Farschman said...

Thanks Guy,
Enjoy the Voyage of the Vikings... It is a great voyage.