Saturday, June 19, 2010

New England Road trip.... day 2

Most of today was the nightmare from Hell.... It started out nice enough at my sister's house in Dover and after I left, it went downhill in a hurry. The traffic, road conditions, construction and needless lines made my travel day very uncomfortable. It took me about 7 hours to just travel about 250 miles. New York is the worst! It took over an hour at the George Washington Bridge.... apparently it was lines at the toll booth. If they can't process the volume of traffic in an expeditious manner it should be free. On top of that, apparently, my EZ Pass wasn't working today. What's up with that... Now I will have to deal with a bunch of bureaucrats trying to hammer me with fines. Once I got to Branford Connecticut things got better immediately. I am staying with my friends Tom & Kathleen and their kids.... I went into town for the Branford Festival for a while and trust me, the Thai garlic chicken on a stick can't be beat.... I met up with my friends and went out into the Branford Harbor on the boat for a while and that was very nice.... Nice finish to an otherwise crappy day!!!

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