Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New England Road trip.... Day 5 Traveling to Bar Harbor....

I left York Maine early this morning on my way to Bar Harbor.... The plan was to get there as quick as possible so I had time to explore the Acadia National Park. Along the way I did find some interesting places to stop. First of all, I got off !-95 briefly and drove through a very scenic town just below Augusta called Hallowell... pretty little place... nice churches and scenes along the river. As I approached Augusta I drove right up to the State House, very impressive.... a definite highlight! I continued along and soon found was so impressed with the views as I crossed a river I stopped at Belfast, Maine for some great scenic views and a very nice pedestrian bridge. I stopped nearby at a tourist information place and they recommended that I stop in Prospect Maine and visit Ft. Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory.... I did and was not disappointed... The views were spectacular... It was in the end, a very nice drive to Bar Harbor with a lot of beautiful scenery.

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