Sunday, June 20, 2010

New England Road trip.... day 3

Great day in Branford.... My friends are very special to me and visiting them is fabulous! This morning I went and watched while they went crabbing in the Branford River. It was a success! Crabs in the pot.... This afternoon we went to the pool for a while and then went back out in the boat. What a lovely place, the islands, cottages, houses are just amazing. I have so enjoyed visiting Branford and the Garganos.... dear friends indeed. Tomorrow I head out on my way to Maine.... stay tuned.


Mary said...

Beautiful pictures as always. I chuckled about your NY traffic headache. That's one advantage of cruising-no traffic. Drive carefully. And thanks for taking us along.

Margie said...

Beautiful photography as usual. Hope you enjoyed the crabs & now on to the lobster!

Michelle said...

Lovely photos, as always! Nice bucket o' crabs! YUM!