Friday, July 31, 2009

Bergs along the way.......

Just a few photos as we sail out of Nanortalik….


whitey said...

Tell me the yellow trunks are not under the yellow coat. But nice to see you wear gloves.
Great shots Jeff and had no idea the amount of bergs you would see.



Pretty Ironic. I have a very similar photo of myself, with a picture of a very similar iceberg in the background, wearing a very similar coat looking just as cold as you appear.

Enjoy the weather, 90's in Atlanta

Hope all is well-


Mary said...

How cold is it? I love the pics with the reflections seeming to glow. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Fantastic photos. Glad to see the chill hasn't got you down. I loved the pic of you and the Greenland Native shirt that the Standfield's posted.
Enjoy yourself and thanks for sharing.
BVH-Groton, CT.

Danielle McCauley said... always, the pictures take my breath away. Just caught up on your journey this time...happy sails!


guy said...

Gee i guess this is what i have to expect when i travel on the voyage of the vikings trip? Thanks for the heads up with the pics. Now i know how cold it will be