Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 5 Red Bay, Labrador

We are on a roll….. Today was another amazing day. Canada is certainly doing itself proud. Once again we were welcomed with open arms. When you consider that far more people got off the ship than live in Red Bay, it’s an amazing feat. This, once again, was a total community event and they showed their town with pride. I would certainly come back to Labrador & Newfoundland, any day!!!!.. The sail in was exciting for me this morning…my first Iceberg and one that was calving to boot… very exciting! We came ashore this morning on the first tender and headed out for about an hour drive to Point Amour Lighthouse. It was a pleasant drive and our guide Cindy did a great Job. The lighthouse was fabulous! The scenery was amazing and I love the wildflowers. I tried Cloudberry jelly & jam and it was delicious. Once we were done at the lighthouse we headed back to Red Bay where we explored the town and….shopped. It certainly is a quaint little town and the people are very warm and friendly. This was a major hub for Basque Whaling as early as the middle of the 16th century. There has been a significant number of archaeological finds in the area. Today Red Bay is a fairly small community of 200 something folks who on this day did an amazing job….. After we sail I will go up to look out for Icebergs… According to the charts (shown) we have about 14 Icebergs in this area. Tomorrow we have a day at sea and Friday we make our first stop in Greenland, my personal highlight for the voyage. The internet may be intermittent next few days, I’ll catch up the best I can. Crossing the North Atlantic will be a major internet challenge.




I too remember the first iceberg I saw calving. A moment that will stay in my mind forever. I am amazed that with the amount of traveling you have done that this was your first experience with icebergs. Or was this said tongue in cheek?

Enjoy the cruise.

Hope all is well-


Julie said...

Loving your blog - and so pleased to hear my fellow Canadians have been making all of you feel so welcome.

Jean said...

We had to chuckle when seeing the iceberg .... we'd be very happy if you'd send it along down here!
Am glad you are enjoying!
THANKS so much for all the work.

Take care,
Jean & Doug

Anonymous said...

Only one word can describe your pictures and blog... WOW!!!!

A major thank you for the constant posting each day!!!

The amount of pictures and descriptions are awesome.

Al said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog (as much as the others). I remember on our Eurodam TA from Copenhagen last year seeing icebergs as we did a scenic cruise in Greenland. We had no internet for about 4 days.

What kind of cameras are you using on your cruise?