Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 6 At Sea

Today was a fairly uneventful day. We had calm seas and fairly reasonable temperatures. I spent the day visiting with friends and planning my day tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will get up early for our sail into Nanortalik, Greenland. This will be a very exciting day for me. I haven’t been back to Greenland since I left about 3 months after I was born ….. My Mother, Father, sister and I left Greenland almost exactly 60 years ago and now they are gone. There has been a very strong force calling me to return to Greenland to see firsthand the place where they lived and where I was born. After putting this trip off for a couple of years because of not wanting to go back to cold climates, here I am. I am very excited about tomorrow…. I think it will be an somewhat emotional journey into the past…..


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
You will so enjoy the Greenland visit. Try to locate the hospital where you were born and see if they have a copy of your original birth certificate. Oops, of course, way back then they were probably using real sheep skin, not paper. Ha ha, just teasing. Enjoy!
I have been enjoying your current adventure.

Jennie said...


How exciting after all these years to be returning to the place where you were born.

It will be interesting to see if any of the original town is still standing especially the hospital.


whitey said...

Hey B loved the comment sheepskin. Thanks for laugh.
Jeff enjoy and I am sure your parents would love to know what your doing and since no one really knows, they may just know.
90 and sunny here today so it may be the same in Greenland. LOL

Kween Karen said...

Happy homecoming tomorrow....I hope it is everything you are hoping for. ENJOY!!!

Jeff Farschman said...

The temperature wasn't too bad, not too cold. I just made sure than I didn't get cold. I was OK even when I took off my layers to take a photo with my "I was born in Greenland" Tshirt.