Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 51 At Sea

Today was just sizzling! The days have been getting hotter and hotter. Thank goodness for a nice breeze. The ship is having a photo contest. I’m deciding whether or not to enter. Any suggestions? Have a favorite photo? I’ll decide in the next day or two…. Tomorrow we arrive into Suva, Fiji. I am going to a beach resort about an hour away. There isn’t much in Suva and I have done the Navua River, Fijian Villages and the Rain Forest in the past. It’s time for a little beach time! I will be going to the Pearl of the South Pacific Resort which is about 50 minutes away. I won’t leave until 10:00 so there will be time to go into town for a bit of looking around and shopping….

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Holly said...

Two words, one color:

Sizzling Sienna.