Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 52 Suva, Fiji

Today turned out much better than expected. We awoke to stormy skies as we approached Suva, Fiji. After we docked I went into town to catch a glimpse of everyday Suva life. The markets were opening and the city was getting busy. It isn’t the best tourist destination but if you get out of the city there is a lot of things to do or see. The rain was coming down but not too bad. I was a bit distressed that at 10:00 I was heading out to a beach and it appeared as thought it would be quite a wet one. Sure enough, the entire trip out to the resort was in the rain. You can imagine how my spirits were…. little or no glide in my stride when it comes to rainy beach days. The skies did clear up shortly after our arrival and the day turned out not too bad. As expected, as we drove back into Suva at the end of out trip the rains began again. That’s what you get when you visit a place in the rainy season that gets 120 inches of rain a year. I really enjoyed the day…. Tomorrow we are back at sea an experience the first of our Tuesdays this week…. We cross the International Dateline again and back in sync with the good ol’ US again.


vmmorgan said...

I've been enjoying keeping up the Amsterdam since I disembarked in Singapore... Your photos in the contest are great. Give my regards to my Beverage department friends
Vickie M.

Sweets said...

We love your entries too! Make sure to let us know where we can vote. You should get first in all categories!!!

allan said...

4147Love your new rice field photo. Tell Randy he knows you well. Allan and Sandra