Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 195 Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Today was an amazing adventure… Nothing like trying to take a train in China when all the signs are in Chinese and no one speaks English. Thanks to a fellow passenger, Patty who was originally from Singapore and speaks Chinese all things were possible. The adventure was taking a high speed train to Suzhou, the “Venice of the East”. After major assistance from Patty we were off. The train was clipping along over 200 Kph… very cool. Despite being a horribly rainy day Suzhou was pretty nice. We hooked up a taxi driver when we arrived and our first order of business was a boat ride through the Grand Canal…lovely. The only thing missing was the people who are normally out doing their daily chores who stayed in out of the rain. Next up was a trip to one of the numerous gardens in Suzhou, the Suzhou Calm Garden. The garden was amazing. I would love to come back when the weather was nicer. Our last stop was at a 9 story Pagoda which provided fabulous views of the city. Then it was back to the train and the huge throngs of Chinese…….

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Jennie said...

Hi Jeff,

We did the same thing last year when we were in Shanghai, same time of the year only we had a sunny day. It was a great adventure. We first of all caught the subway from our hotel to the station to catch the train to Suzhou and then had different taxi drivers all day whilst we were in that city. It was a lot of fun. Loving your photos as always.