Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 217 At Sea

Today was another day of cold, windy seas….. When will I be in the sun again???? I packed another suitcase today, at least I got something done….. Tonight we had our last formal dinner which followed a show by “Black Tie”, an Australian Cabaret group, Fabulous! After dinner they had the Fairy Tale Ball which was a lot of fun for everyone. We only have two more sea days until Vancouver….


Jean said...


Wish we were there with you, we LOVE "Black Tie"!!!

Enjoyed the photos along the way with you ... as always!
Safe journey home!

Jean & Doug

Jennie said...


Thanks first of all for taking us along on your many wonderful adventures. It has been great to see your photos and hear about all the different places you have visited. I will be sorry as I am sure you will when this latest adventure comes to an end though there is no place like home!

Hopefully in the future you will do another wonderful cruise.

Black Tie is a fantastic group and of course being an Australian I am proud that they come from here. We have always enjoyed their shows.

Safe journey home.