Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 219 At Sea

We had a bit of a bonus today… Instead of going directly to Vancouver via the Pacific Ocean we took the Inside Passage. The Captain added it as a nice way to close out the World Voyage. The scenery was magnificent. Also, I previously mentioned how cold it had gotten on the ship. It was so bad that even the marble statues caught a cold. Thank goodness for Aart (my grandfather, 2 years older than me J) who was around to wipe runny statue noses… I also caught a photo of Sarah Coles hard at work at her computer working all the shipping needs for the guests. She has been a major help to me going back all the way to July when I started my 8 ½ month adventure. HAL ought to recognize her exceptional performance…. None better! It was a much better day than I had planned since I got a chance to see some fabulous scenery and take a few photos…. Finally, I included a photo (my chef photo) especially for my sister Lisa who thinks I am a Varken….. Tomorrow, Vancouver Canada.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the ship pictures.

Most appreciated.

Bill Hobart
PS I give up trying to put my google mail in.

Sister Lisa said...

That is so you my favorite Varken! Do you get to keep it? Look forward to seeing you soon.

HappyCruiser said...

Wow, major bonus. The inside passage is glorious! Enjoy Vancouver. I'm off on a teeny (compared to yours) 2-week cruise to Alaska on Friday. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Jeff ,I enjoyed every picture and story,thank you. I'm still enjoying the memories on the Amsterdam. Have a nice stay at home, groetjes Marianne NL