Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 196 Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Today was a much better day weather wise. While it was still cool, it was dry and sunny. We walked from the ship down to the Bund and strolled along the river taking in the sights. We eventually made our way to the old city which was pretty cool. It is a bit hard to navigate your way around as a pedestrian since the norm with the people here seems to be to bump into you and knock you over if they need to… very little courtesy here. I wonder how this city will be able to successfully do the World Expo in the next month. Anyway, we spent some time in the old city and then made our way back to the Bund on our way to Nanjing Rd, a major shopping mecca. When we were done we took a shuttle back to the ship. As we arrived back to the ship I was reminded of the new International Cruise Terminal, a big green oval structure on stilts (looks like a big bug). I just wish we were able to have used it. Apparently it's not ready yet. It was a nice day.

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Mary said...

Jeff do you know what the pod like structure is to the left of the ship? Thanks for the pictures-I especially love your pictures of children. They are all so beautiful.