Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 202 Cheju, South Korea

Today was a fairly laid back day. We arrived into the port of Cheju City South Korea around 0630 this morning. Just after 8:00 we went ashore and took a taxi to the far side of the city to Dragon’ Head or Yongduam Rock. I guess it is a common practice for honeymooners to have a photo taken here. Then it was wandering around the city checking out the sights. We headed in the direction of Dongmun Market place, hitting the underground Arcade along the way. The market place was amazing… there was so much seafood there (most of which I would’t eat)…. The place was immense. Great people shots! We continued to wander as we made our way back to the ship. It was a very nice day. Tomorrow we enter Japan. Please note that Japan has some bizarre law which prohibits the use of our satellite phones and Internet while in Japan…… amazing! When we are outside Japanese waters we may get a connection. I will post as I am able. Tomorrow, Kagoshima Japan.


guy said...

great shots jeff. hope you have a great day on sat. Any plans for the big day?

Michelle said...

You weren't kidding! Great people shots! You know the people shots are a fav of mine!