Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 203 Kagoshima, Japan

We arrived this morning into the port of Kagoshima around 0630 this morning. This is my second visit here. The first time I went to Chiran and saw the Samurai houses, today was time to visit Sakurajima volcano. This baby has had countless eruptions and yo could see it send up spewing ash from time to time. We took a taxi to the ferry pier and off it was to the island via a 15 minute ferry ride. We arrived on the island and then hopped on a sightseeing bus for a two hour journey around the island to check out the volcano. It was a great trip and there were some great sights.... We journeyed back to Kagoshima and looked a a few shops and then to the ship... Tomorrow, Kobe Japan


Sister Lisa said...

Happy Birthday a day early OG. Enjoy your day - I'll be thinking of you. Much Love.

Rosemary said...

Love your people pictures. Happy B'day

Bill said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff. Hope to see you on Memorial Day.

Bill & Jo