Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 216 At Sea

Last night just before dinner we were sailing near Dutch Harbor Alaska and the scenery was magnificent…. I included a few shots of the passing mountains & snow. Today was another cold, lazy day. The ship is much warmer now thanks in large part to Olav, our Captain, taking charge of the situation and getting it fixed. Thanks Captain…. Tonight the Captain came on and announced that we had changed course heading toward Kodiak Alaska to meet up with a US Coast Guard Helicopter for an emergency evacuation… It was accomplished in a smooth and professional manner…. The patient is on the way to get the proper medical care.


Anonymous said...

Happy to read this post, in more ways than one. Thanks Jeff! :)

William said...


Carolyn and I have really enjoyed following the cruise via your journal and photos. Tell the dinner table gang hello for us. You guys really gave us the cruise bug. No, not that bug. We have already reserved a three-week Baltic cruise in June and plan another cruise around New England and Canada in August. We hope to run into you again someday.


Bill Gooden