Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 221 Seattle, Washington

It was a fairly laid back day in Seattle. A fair number of our World Voyage companions disembarked today. It was off around 9:00 this morning on a shuttle to the Space Needle for some spectacular views. Then we walked to Pike Place Markets to take in the local color before we walked back. I spent the afternoon relaxing. Tomorrow morning I have a massage at 0800 before I get ready for the last packing episode.... I disembark the ship Thursday in Long Beach and have a flight out of LAX at 1:25 to Charlotte and then on to Norfolk from there. I will get to my house around 1:00 in the morning Friday morning if I am lucky.... I hope at least one of our last two days is sunny and warm.


Anonymous said...

Almost home, Jeff! Enjoy your last few days on board and the last of the packing. We've had awesome weather lately in SoCA. Just your cup of tea... HOT HOT HOT! Hope some of the good weather travels up your way!

Mary said...

Where did you go through customs? Are you glad to be finished with your amazing adventure? I'll miss your daily posts and I want to thank you again for taking me along on your journey. It has been wonderful. Have a safe trip home.

guy said...

what will you do now jeff. I guess spend a month getting your land legs and figuring out how to drive again? ha ha

HappyCruiser said...

Glad to see the mountain was out for your visit. We'll stop in Seattle on Monday, hope it's still out.

Safe journey home! Thanks for the blog.

Elsie said...


thanks for taking us all along for your journey. The photos and commentary were excellent as always.

June said...

It's been real. Thanks for the awesome journey.
I look forward to the next one.

Your photography is gorgeous.

Thanks and don't forget to check out the beautiful beaches on the gulf coast of northwest Florida.