Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 215 At Sea

Another frigid, lazy day.  Today the inside of the ship finally warmed a bit.  The past three days it was totally uncomfortable.  We had very little heat in many of the common areas.  It was freezing…….  Maybe they were saving fuel, who knows…  All I know was that it was really, really uncomfortable.  It is bad enough that it is freezing outside, inside you expect a certain level of comfort.  We are not sailing on a 3rd world trawler. Not a good way to end a World Voyage…..  Today at lunch time, Chef Bernie Rius and his team put on their Grand Show Buffet…  It was spectacular!  It was very creative.  Nice day! (nice to be a bit warmer).  


Michelle and Rudy van der Goot said...

Looks yummy. Hope you can survive the cold...not your favourite temp! Warmer climes are soon to come your way. Enjoy the rest of your time on HAL and have a safe journey home. Looking forward to your roadtrip. We did one of those for 7 weeks and there was sooooo much to see by car. Especially around Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. Beautiful country!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, Sad that your cruise is coming to an end, Don't know what I will do in the morning now, nothing to read-no photos to study. We have so much enjoyed you travel blog and look forward to the next one. I am currently booking the Prinsendam 45 days in May 2011 Ft Lauderdale to Amsterdam. Also booked on the Volendam Auckland to Sydney 14 days Dec 3 2010. See what your blog has done to us. Enjoy your last days. Paul and Sylvia

whitey said...

Maybe it was to save the ice sculpture for this gala food offering?

Anonymous said...

I hate to see you trip come to an end. I love reading your blog.

Bob and I are on diets getting ready for our next trip (July'10) The Grand Buffet looks wonerful. Can't wait to dive into one.

Good luck packing :-(

Rosemary (Bob too)

Anonymous said...

The food displays look too beautiful to eat!