Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 200 Beijing, China

Today was dedicated to the big sights around Beijing after visiting the Great Wall. We started with the Temple of Heaven, the symbol of China. Then it was off to Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City. Finally we went to the beautiful Summer Palace. Nice visit except Immigration officials decided to make all the passengers get off the ship and go through a face to face passport inspection and stamping before the ship could leave! It didn't matter how sick they were, everybody off... no exceptions! I wonder who pissed them off? I sent a note to my friends Carole & Ian who just went through there on their Princess World Voyage to see if they had to jump through the same hoops. I have no desire to return. This was the second post today…. To see the first day click on older posts.


Jean said...

Making us smile .... bringing back many memories of our time in China 10 years ago .... THANKS!!!

The photos are wonderful!

Jean & Doug

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the China photos. I went on a 2.5 week trip with my parents in '07 and visited all the places you went to as well... so it brought back a lot of fond memories. Great photos as always!