Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 10 Isafjordur, Iceland

The weather today certainly wasn’t the best to experience the beauty of Ísafjördur. We arrived early this morning to gray skies and a bit of rain, certainly a challenge for photography. Oh well, what can you do? I went on my tour at 0830 this morning and was off to see the sights with our guide, Sissy…. The highlights of the tour were the fisherman’s hut and the Buná River and waterfall in Tunguskogur. When we got back to town we spent the next hours walking and singing in the rain…. Anyway, we walked around town seeing the local sights before returning to the ship. The fiord’s here are pretty dramatic and I would love the see them in clear weather. Tomorrow is another day and I am off on another excursion. Our next Icelandic port is Akureyri and we arrive there tomorrow morning. I hope the weather cooperates so we can experience Iceland at its best. It will be a long day tomorrow; I have an 8 hour tour… Here is the description: Lake Myvatn
Begin with a drive along the coast of Iceland’s longest fjord, Eyjafjördur, with an excellent view of Akureyri and its surrounding mountains. After crossing Víkurskard Pass, you will view Fnjóskadalur valley, where geological remains of glacial and post glacial times can clearly be seen. The first major stop is by Godafoss--the waterfall of heathen gods. From there, you will drive directly to the Lake M´yvatn area, stopping by the unique craters at Skútustadir. Head to a local hotel restaurant for lunch, then you will tour the most interesting places in the Lake M´yvatn area and drive to the famous boiling sulphur pits at Hverarönd, near Námafjall. After a stop at the unique underground bathing springs Grjótagjá, continue to Dimmuborger- -a true labyrinth of lava formations.


Kween Karen said...

Hope you have sunny skies tomorrow....I know it makes a big difference for photos.....and for the general psyche too!!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

looking at your pictures...they are wonderful