Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 13 Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Today was another wonderful day in Iceland… This morning it was spectacular sailing into the fjord. It is so beautiful and the waterfalls are plentiful, they are everywhere. These waterfalls are very impressive. The village of Seydisfjordur is quite small with fewer than 300 inhabitants. Their mainstay is fishing. The tour I took was pretty good. We went over the mountain and headed to Lake Lögurinn where we checked out the sights on our way to see the Litli Nesfoss waterfall. It was an extremely strenuous climb to get up to the waterfall but…. I made it. I was sweating and panting like crazy. It took me about 20-25 minutes to get to the top. The majority of the people on the excursion weren’t able to experience the wonders of Litli Nesfoss because it was just too strenuous. I was shocked and complained to the Shore Excursion people that had the tour rated as “Moderate” activity. They just waived it off and said the climb to the waterfall was “optional”….. If you see the description of the tour I put up yesterday you’ll see the waterfall is the meat on the bone. The Holland America definition of “moderate activity” is as follows: Requires intermittent effort throughout, including walking medium distances over uneven surfaces and/or steps. Strenuous Activity on the other hand is defined as ‘Requires active participation, walking long distances over uneven and steep terrain or on steps. In certain instances, paddling or other nonwalking activity is required and guests must be able to participate without discomfort or difficulty breathing. This was extremely difficult for me and impossible for many…. It’s a bit unfair to improperly disclose the details of what is being sold or not understand what you are selling. Anyway, the views of the waterfall were amazing…worth the strenuous climb. We then toured the lake a bit as we headed to lunch. Lunch was served in a old farm house that was once owned by Gunnar Gunnarson (1889-1975), a famous Icelandic writer. Lunch was grand and I particularly liked the sod roof…. We then headed to the Hallormsstadur Forestry Station were we strolled around for a short while enjoying the scenery. Our last stop before returning to the village was to Egilsstadir for a short shopping stop. It was then back to Seydisfjordur for a stroll through town and a look in the few shops…. It was a good day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awewsome! Makes me want to travel to Iceland and Greenland some day.


P.S. You are looking a wee bit pale...hope you get some sunny weather soon.