Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 26 Reykjavik, Iceland

Today was a wonderful day…. I started the day with a nice massage in the morning. We arrived into Reykjavik early in the afternoon and I went ashore for my hightlights tour. Our first stop was at the Árbær open air museum for Icelandic housing. I showed the types of housing over the years and even a small church. It was an interesting stop. Next we went to the Hallgrimskirkja Church…magnificent. It’s just too bad the steeple in covered with scaffolding. I did go to the top and got some great views of Reykjavik. The organ inside is just huge and sounds amazing. Next we went to Perlan, The Pearl where, once again, we had some great views from the viewing platform. Their water canon was pretty cool as well. Once we got back into town, I left the tour and walked around a bit on my own. I then caught a shuttle back to the ship for dinner. It was a pretty good day…. Tomorrow, since we are overnighting in Reykjavik, I will be touring this area once again. This will be a private tour with only 15 of us going. It should be an interesting day. Here is a description: The Golden Circle Tour : The itinerary as follows: 7:45 am on pier. Leave port at 8 am, drive to Hellishaedi Geothermal Power Plant, where guides show us around and explain the workings of Iceland's geothermal energy production. After stimulating the mind so early in the morning, we move on and drive to Gullfoss Waterfall...stay about an hour, and drive to the Geysers for another extended stay. Finally, we visit Thingvellir National Park, a "World Heritage" site, famous for Viking Parliments and spectacular geology, where the divide between two continental plates of America and Eurasia can be easily seen. The day may include other short stops, dependent on time and guide discretion. Somewhere, between all of the above, is a volcanic crater of Kerid to see.

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You should like the circle tour. We did that on our cruise last year. The falls are beautiful. Have a great time.