Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 15 Invergordon, Scotland

Today was absolutely fantastic…. I have wanted to visit Scotland for a very long time and it did not disappoint. We arrived in a fog bank early this morning but the fog quickly gave way to a brilliant, bright, sunny day. To my dear friend Allan who is from Scotland I would have to say, I did indeed find sunshine…. My tour didn’t leave until 0930 so I got off the ship around 0730 and toured the town of Invergordon. It is a lovely little town and I got some nice pics. I then went back to the ship and changed clothes because it was really warming up at this point. For the first time on this voyage I dressed in shorts for my all day tour. We headed out for Loch Ness and I really enjoyed the drive through the countryside seeing all the old buildings and colorful landscape. The drive along Cromarty Firth was great. It certainly is a beautiful place. Our first stop was at Loch Ness and the Urquhart Castle. Great visit!!! Next we headed out to Inverness for lunch and a amazing walk through the town. The place is one amazing sight after another. I walked along the River Ness taking photos of the amazing buildings and taking in all the beauty….. After lunch we went to see the Culloden Battlefield on our way to Cawdor Castle. The Castle was amazing and the beauty of the gardens unbelievable. We then drove back to the ship once again taking in the beauty of the countryside. It was a fabulous day which only could have been better if my Scottish friends Allan & Sandra and Ian & Carol could have been here to enjoy it with me. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. We arrive into South Queensferry (Edinburgh), Scotland early in the morning. Unfortunately we have to tender ashore…. Bummer! I am taking a tour of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle in the morning and then hooking up with some very close friends from Englang, Harry & Margaret, who are taking the train to Edinburgh so we can visit. It should be a great day. Here is a description of my tour: Edinburgh Highlights & Castle
History and beauty unite in the proud city of Edinburgh. Travel along the main road to arrive at Princes Street, with its array of fine stores on one side, and the beautifully laid out formal gardens on the other. Visit Edinburgh Castle, home of Scottish kings and queens for centuries, perched on its rocky site 445 feet above the city. Inside, don’t miss the 15th-century Old Royal Palace which houses the Scottish Crown Jewels. See the apartment in which Mary, Queen of Scots gave birth to the future King James VI of Scotland who also became James I of England. This castle has witnessed many tense moments in its thousand-year history. Driving through the Old Town, you will see the historical area known as the “Royal Mile,” Castlehill, Lawnmarket, High Street and Canongate with delightful multi-storied houses and quaint side streets. Pass Holyrood House, the official Scottish residence of the Queen before returning to the pier.


Mary said...

I love Scotland. Thanks for the pictures. Brings back nice memories.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! Probably one of your best series of photos from visiting a port yet. Gorgeous.

Wayne Keys said...

I couldn't agree more with the previous comment.
Wonderful photography!
Continued safe travels,

ComBoz said...

Jeff, I've faithfully followed your blogging and travels now for a couple of years...if I may ask...have you traveled like this for many more years prior to these long voyages? I wonder, are there spots on the globe you've yet to see and long to travel to?



Many of us on the board have followed your trips around the world, one sunny port after another. I wanted to give you some time to ponder before you had to respond. Have you enjoyed the cold water ports as much as you enjoy the 'normal' warmer climate ports?

Different is different, not better, not worse (I think this came formjoe Pesci in one of the Lethal Weapons). Will we travel with you on more northerly itineraries in the future?

Hope all is well-


allan said...

we agree it would have been amazing if we could have been with you. You should be glad we were not as the weather would have been much worse. We also agrre with the comment these are fantastic photo's of scotland. " SHORTS" THE SCOTS WERE SAYING MUST BE A YANK. Much happiness and joy. Allan and Sandra