Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 24 Torshavn, Faroe Islands

The sail into the harbor of Torshavn this morning was full of great sights… the only problem was it was so cold being on the forward decks in the wind but, lovely all the same. After we arrived into the port the weather wasn’t quite so cold. I buzzed around town taking photos and doing a bit of shopping early this morning since my tour didn’t/\’t leave until 10:00. The town is very quaint with photo opportunities everywhere. I have never seen greener slopes in the fields and mountains. I also love the sod covered roofs, very cool. At 10:00 I boarded the bus and headed for the town on Vestmanna. The drive was very scenic and in about 45 minutes we were there ready to board our boat. I was very nervous when I saw our boat. It was quite small and we had a busload. The boat was clearly stenciled with a maximum capacity of 25 and we had 33 (I believe that’s about 135% of capacity), very healthy, adults onboard. I kept thinking of those headlines you read about boats that go down because they were overloaded. Unfortunately this happens from time to time with refugees trying to escape some sort of oppression; not tourists from a luxury cruise who paid $129 for a 2 hour boat ride….. When asked about life jackets all you got was the “deer in the headlights” look…. I almost got off but I was stupid and stayed… Sometimes I do silly things for a photo or two. I was concerned about our safety the entire trip. I was less than enamored when we started hitting a few waves and my camera got douced with sea water (a bad mix), that’s was an overloaded boat will do for you…… Anyway the Vestmanna cliffs were pretty spectacular. I would not recommend this tour to anyone for obvious reasons…. Tomorrow we are back in Iceland. We will be going to Djupivogur. I have another tour and…it’s on a boat. I just hope the Icelandic people take safety a little more seriously. Holland America which has been informed about today’s less than safe excursion will surely be checking into tomorrow’s tour with more than a cursory look. (I hope). Anyway, here is a description of my ($319, 7 hours) tour: Glaciers and Lagoon
Travel by bus from Djúpivogur to the glacier lagoon known to the locals as Jökulsárlón. Here you will find Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. You will see magnificent landscapes and touch the ice. The boat trip among the floating icebergs is an unforgettable experience. Refreshments of hot chocolate and an Icelandic pastry will be served at a restaurant by the lagoon. From Almannaskar Pass, near Höfn village, there is a striking view of the area.


Jean said...


What a beautiful place .... so many colors that delight the eye!

We are GLAD you are back safe ....

Jean & Doug

Mary said...

$319 for a 7 hour tour? I can't wait to read your report. Your pictures from today are very beautiful. I have loved all of your pictures from this cruise. Hope your camera is okay.

Anonymous said...


Your pictures are awesome. I have been following your adventures since I discovered your blog in January. And I went back and read your previous adventures. I am following quite a few cruise blogs and I have to say that yours is the BEST!!! I like HAL's blog and they won an award, but your blog is 10 times better and so is the photography.

Thanks for all your time in posting your fantastic photos. This is one cruise that I have on my list to do. So I really appreciate all your photos and words about your experiences.

I'm glad you made it back safely and I would have been ferious if my camera got wet. Good luck in trying to convince Shore Excursions Staff to take you seriously.

Sharon (an avid HAL Cruiser)

P.S. Hope to meet up with you someday.

Dancing Bee Farm said...

Found your blog by happenstance,I love browsing your photos. I've traveled much in the states and hope to one day go farther. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
As usual your photos are fantastic. I almost didn't recognize you in clothes. Ha, I mean out of your shorts and tank top.
I am leaving Thursday to visit Star in Wisconsin for 10 days. It will be so nice to have some cooler weather and spend time with my best friend.
Also, just a heads up . . . there is a hurricane (Cat 4) heading north in the Atlantic. We won't have too much from it, but you might get some very high seas in about 9-10 days.

June said...

Thanks, Jeff, for another exciting review of your port. I took a peek at the place where the cliff birds are from a Travel Advisor website since I was too curious to wait till today. You are right the green countryside is amazing.

How does one keep from gaining a ton on such a long cruise. I know the food has got be be execellent all the time.

Chris said...

Faroe Islands, near UK, holds unheard of surprises for visitors, no matter who you are & what you like. From bird watching to adventures sports like hiking, from extraordinary & stunning boat rides to terrific moor hiking Faroe Islands got lot in its kitty.