Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 23 At Sea

Today wasn’t a bad day at all… I slept like a baby last night because the ship was rocking and rolling a bit, I love that! I was sitting out by the Lido pool (inside) this morning with friends and reading a bit, having a pretty good morning. I would go out from time to time testing the waters to see if it was bronzing weather and generally it was not. It must have been the high winds and cold temps…. Someone thought it was a good idea to open the roof in the Lido pool area and that act chased me back to the cabin. It got so cold I called it a day. I decided that since I was in the cabin that I would start on the book. I made good progress…. Tomorrow we arrive in Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. I have a tour at 10:00 which should be fairly scenic (weather dependent). Here is the description: Vestmanna Seacliffs
Ride by coach to the village of Vestmanna. Here, you will board a boat and sail out to the famous bird cliffs. All your senses will awaken with the sound of thousands of sea birds, the salty scent of the sea and its cool spray on your face, the stunning, weatherbeaten cliff formations and the raucous riot of squawkingbirds who call the seacliffs home. You’ll sail along the cliff wall, into a narrow gorge wheresheer rock walls rise vertically on both sides towards the sky. The boat slowly enters one of the many grottoes, and for a moment, daylight disappears. Darkness and the sound of dripping water surround you and then, suddenly, you emerge on the other side. The boat stops for a while so you can enjoy the scenery. Take photographs to help you remember the details. After the boat trip, return to Tórshavn via the mountain road and stop at the viewpoint looking over the capital.

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Jean said...


So many memories you have brought back to us both!

Loving the photos!
Wish we could send you our hot weather & the sun .... we'd like some time off form it!

Starting to pack!!

Jean & Doug