Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 28 At Sea

Today was a nice relaxing day at sea. It started off with an 1 ½ hour massage…very relaxing. The ship had a Mariner’s lunch but I was unable to attend because of my need for the massage. I heard it was very nice. They also had a special tea for past World Voyagers this afternoon which was nicely done. Good job by Firmin & his team! Tonight is the Black & White Ball; not sure what I should wear…. Black & white???? Anyway, nice day. Tomorrow we have scenic cruising of the Prins Christian Sund. We will go through the opposite way from the last time we traversed the sound. Perhaps I could use the same photos but just reverse them…. Hmmmm. Looking forward to a nice day tomorrow and keeping an eye on Hurricane Bill.

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Kween Karen said...

Good morning! I am still enjoying your blog as always. I am helping you keep an eye on Bill......hope he fizzles out for you!!