Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 11 Akureyri, Iceland

What a day…. I got up at 0415 for the scenic views sailing in and mostly what was provided was fog banks. Once we arrive in port things cleared up quite a bit. My tour today was grand. I was able to see so many natural wonders of Iceland. It was magnificent. I especially liked Godafoss, the waterfall of the heathen gods, nice ring to it. Also, the geological formations from the intense volcanic activity was really special. The sulphur pits were nice but boy does it stink there. All in all today was one of the best days…. Finally I loved checking out the huge split in the land from tectonic plate shifting and climbing down into the cracks and seeing the pools of water….very cool. Great day! Tonight we sail into the Arctic Circle…perhaps a swim? Tomorrow we are in Husavik, Iceland and I will be taking a tour again. Here is the description: The Diamond Circle Tour --A place of extraordinary forces, the Jökulsá River Canyon National Park is glacial, wildly romantic and full of contrasts. Take in the horseshoe-shaped Asbyrgi (Fortress of the Gods), formed as the result of a catastrophic flood. Arctic vegetation surrounds a peaceful pond at the foot of the gigantic cliffs. The river’s course was dramatically changed, and has since followed its present course east of Asbyrgi. According to Icelandic mythology, Asbyrgi is in fact, a hoof-mark from Ooin’s eight-footed horse. Then, drive onwards to Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall, at 132-feet high and 300 feet wide. Up to 1500 tons of water, mud and sand rumble into Jokulsargljufur, the greatest and the most spectacular canyon in all of Iceland. After a short drive, the bus reaches Hljodaklettar (the Whispering Cliffs), a bizarre-looking group of crater plugs and basaltic columns in different positions creating all kinds of patterns--rosettes, a lion’s head and whatever your imagination decides. The name is derived from an acoustic effect created by some of the spiral formations, making it impossible to determine by sound alone where the noisy river is. Finally, you will head back to Húsavík.


Mary said...

Great pictures. Do you go on HAL tours or do you book independent trips? Thanks for doing this blog for all of us.

Jeff Farschman said...

Most of the tours I do are with Holland America. I do, on occasion, book my own tours. I can do more and move at my speed when I do that.

whitey said...

Amazing shots Jeff and not what I expected at all. Some of these shots are outstanding. They pale in comparision to some I have seen of this region.
Speaking of "pale" hmmm whitey is not so whitey JEFF!
Shouldn't be long and the rays will be back so you can catch up LOL

Peggy said...

When your world voyage ended earlier this year I missed following your daily travel blog and wonderful pictures ... What a treat to find you back and sea and sharing your grand adventure .. Wow..the photos are amazing! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share the world with us ..it is indeed a beautiful world! Enjoy your cruise!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, enjoying your blog and all the photos. We look forward to them each day. Noticed Antonio in one of your earlier photos, please give him my regards and keep up all the good "work".
Paul and Sylvia

Anonymous said...

I have been following your trip. What excellent pictures. It looks the same in Iceland today as it did when I was there in 1999.

Ken said...

Wow. Great pictures as usual. Thanks for taking us along again.