Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 38 Dunedin, New Zealand

It was pretty cold and blustery as we sailed into Port Chalmers this morning. I got off the ship and decided to explore Port Chalmers for an hour or so while I waited on the shuttle that would take the guests into Dunedin. It was a nice little visit, I even found a bit of a climb to a viewpoint…. It was enough to get my jacket off, for a while. I found my way back to the port and got on the first shuttle and ran into Allan & Sandra. We took the shuttle to Dunedin and had a huge surprise… We were there during their largest market event of the year. The crowds continued to build during the day and there was quite a festive atmosphere, almost carnival like. It certainly was a fun day. I must admit the goodies that were being sold everywhere weren’t good for my diest but they were yummy. The day was a lot of fun and I even got a few photos along the way. Tomorrow we will be visiting Oban on Stewart Island (1st visit), the 3rd largest island in New Zealand. I’ll be heading ashore with Ed & Becky on another adventure….



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