Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 39 Oban, New Zealand

This morning was, once again, chilly & cold on the forward deck as we approached Stewart Island. Ed, Becky & I, layered up for the day, were on the first tender ashore. The island is full of fabulous hiking trails which we took full advantage of climbing up & down & up & down all day. The scenery, green, lush & full of all varieties of ferns was amazing. We saw a number of bird species including very large parrots and what appeared to be giant, very colorful pigeons… We came upon a golf course as we emerged from on of our treks and Ed stopped for a little golf. The day was chilly, the skies overcast for a large portion of the day but it did not damper our enthusiasm or our spirits. The day was great! We really loved Stewart Island and its beautiful flora & fauna….




Anonymous said...

The trees with the fishing floats(?) very interesting! The trees are a great shape and form and then that little burst of color at the bottom!

Anonymous said...

Love your adventuresome spirit, Jeff! Hope you and your friends stay healthy so you can continue to travel and hike around all these grand places you visit.