Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 44 Port Arthur, Tasmania

Another great adventure…. Ed, Becky & I left the ship early this morning on the first tender. We had the information center call us a taxi which arrived about 15 minutes later. Little did we know how lucky we were…. There are only 2 taxis in the region and we got one of them. Anyway, we headed out to the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park to see some devils…. We asked our driver Jason to come back later for us later in the morning since now we knew there were only 2 taxis. The park was great however, after about 10-15 minutes, my sunglasses fell into the devil’s lair, big problem. Ed finally got them out but not until a Tasmanian Devil took a bite into the lens. I can still use them but I carry around a little souvenir with me. Once Jason picked us up we headed back to Port Arthur. We had him drop us off at the General Store & Post Office where we had a great lunch. After lunch we walked back to check out the historic Port Arthur penal colony which is well maintained and very interesting. We walked the grounds, taking photos, and eventually headed off on some hiking trails where we saw a critter or two. It was an exceptional day!


Anonymous said...

Too cute... can I have one as a pet? ;)


Margie said...

Loved the animal pictures. Sorry about the sunglasses but you sure have a funny story to tell now.

Mike said...

Jeff, save those glasses! The boys will really enjoy hearing about the devils and how you had to fight 16 of them to rescue the Ray-bands!
Mike and Deb

Mike said...

Jeff, the boys will enjoy the story, perhaps you can save the shades for show n tell. After all, not many men survive a battle with numerous devils to rescue their Ray-bands! Mike and Deb