Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 50 Cairns, Australia

What a downpour!!!  Talk about rain, we had torrential rains all day.  So, what should you do when it is raining cats & dogs?  Go to the rain forest…..  I left the ship this morning at 7:45 am with Robert, Bronwyn, Ed & Becky.  We rented a car and headed North from Cairns toward Cape Tribulation, as far as we could drive on paved roads.  The journey took us to Daintree National Park and its rainforest.  We stopped along the way taking in the scenic views despite the adverse weather and loved every minute of it.  We stopped at Port Douglas for drinks and a quick snack and checked out the local scenery…  Back on the road we headed to Mossman Gorge which was fabulous…  The one big advantage of torrential rains is that waterfalls were everywhere and the rivers were overflowing…..  We continued the long drive north, took the ferry across the river and drove to Cape Tribulation.  It was a lovely beach but we did keep our eyes peeled for saltwater crocodiles as we enjoyed the scenery. We arrived back at the ship about 8:15 pm to cap off a long but fantastic day…..





Cherry Pie said...

looks like you guys are having good time in the rain.


Jennie said...


You are went to all our favourite places in FNQ. We love Port Douglas, Mosman Gorge and the Daintree. So glad the rain didn't spoil your day.