Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 53 Madang, Papua New Guinea

What an absolutely amazing day!!!!  If Papua New Guinea isn’t just the friendliest place I have been to, I don’t know any others off the top of my head that beat it.  The people waved, smiled and made us feel so welcome all day….  wonderful place.  I must admit that the eating of betel nuts to stain their teeth red was pretty interesting…  Ed, Becky and I got off the ship and headed to the market which much to our dismay was closed because it’s Sunday here.  We hooked up with a local, Paul, who was walking us around showing us the town and when it became apparent that we needed to expand our area of exploration he hooked us up with a vehicle and a couple of guys operating it.  We went up the north coast checking out some villages and local markets.  It was so interesting….  The thing that made it here wasn’t the scenery, which is beautiful, but the people….  What an excellent stop, well done…..




Jennie said...


How lucky to be able to visit New Guinea. We have been looking at cruises that go there and very few do. We live so close and yet it is a hard place to visit for a day or so.

Thanks for the great photos. My Uncle died in Rabaul during the 2nd World War and I would love to visit that part of our world.


John--Phuket said...

Excellent "portrait" photos--scenery nice too--added this place to my list of must visit

Had a very pleasant sunny and HOT 8days on the Legend--great tablemates-though cannot believe the change in Bali and Lombok during the past 10 years-neither for the better--await your thoughts with interest-even Ubud was a disappointment!

Hasta luego

Anonymous said...

Wonderful capture of the people and place of Papau New Guinea! People can make it or break it. Glad to hear they made the visit a memorable and pleasant one!