Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 52 At Sea

What a day!!!!  It was a scorcher today… We are only 8-9 degrees off the Equator and you can really tell.  I am certainly getting an opportunity to tone up my tan after our long stint in New Zealand & Australia.  The great weather is really appreciated.  The Captain, last night, announced that he would take us the more scenic route through the Solomon Sea into Madang, Papua New Guinea and scenic it was.  It was a very hot and steamy sailing today.  I certainly can feel the glow at the end of the day….  Tonight was another formal night.  Ed, Becky, Allan, Sandra, Robert. Bronwyn & I gathered in the Crow’s Nest for drinks before dinner and we had a delightful time…  What a fun crowd!  Tomorrow we will be in Madang… my first visit to Papua New Guinea… very exciting!!!



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