Sunday, February 20, 2011

A magnificent day in Somersby Australia...

This morning after another amazing sail into Sydney Harbor, Ed, Becky, Robert, Bronwyn & I had breakfast and waited until the ship cleared. Then it was off on a fabulous adventure…. We took a train out of Sydney, north along the coast, to Gosford. It was a fun and scenic ride which lasted probably 1 ½ hours. Robert’s daughter, Carol, and her husband, Martin, picked us up at the station and took us to their home in Somersby. That started an absolutely amazing day. Their hospitality was fabulous and the barbeque was unbelievable. The have a pretty good size piece of property with lots of critters. The highlight was their Diamond Python which totally freaked me out when it hissed in my ear and “kissed” me…. Creepy! The Kookaburras were great along with the parrots and other birds. After our amazing lunch we headed out to Somersby Falls where we climbed the rocks and checked out the falls… very cool. I cannot say enough about Carol, Martin and their two great kids Shelly & Ethan… cool family. Great day and fabulous Aussie hospitality…. A great time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:'s all I can say.

Cherry Pie said...

I was a pleasure to have you guys come visit. We are glad you enjoyed yourselves. Have a safe trip.