Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 54 At Sea

Today was hot, hot , hot…. We are getting ready to cross the Equator again around 7:00 this evening so the sun is very strong. Since they put off the King Neptune ceremony for crossing the Equator when we originally crossed from the northern hemisphere to the southern we had one today…. It is always a bit of fun seeing the “polliwogs” sacrificed to King Neptune for safe passage. It is a bit messy and puts the pool out of commission for a day but it is enjoyed by all. A bit of sad news today, the Captain announced that our call to Palau on Wednesday was going to be cancelled. He came to the table at dinner and explained the situation in detail which was helpful. Disappointing! I hope the guests all enjoy wandering around Manila on Friday night, should be fun….. The Filipino crew will be having a great time....

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Anonymous said...

Another fun day crossing the equator! Sorry about Palau, but I'm sure all was done in their power to keep it in. Enjoy the extra day in Manilla!