Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 59 Manila, The Philippines

Today was a bit gray and rainy but a wonderful day nonetheless….  Today was Robert & Bronwyn’s 23rd wedding anniversary so it was ice to share that with them.  We headed out and met Alex around 9:00 and went first to the St. Augustin church, one of the Philippines oldest and a World Heritage Site.  It was indeed a lovely and very historical church.  We spent a good hour there, nice visit….  Next up was the Manila Cathedral….  Another fabulous church, perhaps not a stunning as St. Augustin but a beautiful Cathedral.  We got off our church theme and went next to Fort Santiago.  Despite the continuous rain we had a nice tour of the fort and caught some sights across the river…  There was a definitely an impoverished area across the water….  We then we to lunch in Chinatown at a very nice Chinese Restaurant.  I had one of the best Chinese meals ever… just wonderful!  After lunch we visited the Chinese Cemetery which is a sight to behold.  Some of the mausoleums were like small houses…  The traffic was pretty horrendous so we called it a day and headed back to the ship.  The sail away was a very emotional one with the Filipino crew saying goodbye to their family and friends  Tonight I, along with Allan, Sandra, Ed & Becky,  had cocktails and dinner with Robert & Bronwyn to celebrate their anniversary.  It was a fabulous evening….  Congratulations to Robert & Bronwyn!!





guy d said...

wow great pics of the manila area. keep up the great work on the blog

Jennie said...

Hi Jeff,

Great photos of Manilla. It brings back so many memories of when we were there back in 1976! It doesn't seemed to have changed a lot. We also went to the Taal Volcano and of course visited all the sights in the city as we were there for 5 days. In those days, President Marcos was in charge and we had a curfew each night at 9pm as martial law was in place. Quite scary!


Cherry Pie said...

Looks like you guys are having a good time. Happy anniversary Dad and Bron.