Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 85 At Sea

Great day at sea….  Weather couldn’t be better.  We made it into the Red Sea where the waters are a bit more friendly.  The Captain announced this evening that the day after tomorrow we will be stopping in Safaga Egypt.  I hope to quickly pull something together to go to Luxor, Karnak & the Valley of the Kings, talk about a quick turnaround.  I also decided today to break my rule about not entering any more photo contests.  I have selected the 4 attached photos for my entries.  One for Architecture (Varanasi India), one for Landscape (Cape Raoul), People (Shoemaker from Varanasi) and Wildlife (Morey Eel attacking me).  We’ll see….




guy d said...

hey jeff enjoying the blog. I leave in 17 days for the rotterdam, doing the secret civilizations cruise RT ft lauderdale. Looking forward to it. have you been to lima? We are there for 3 days. not going to do the mach u pic-ch u overland. any thing to look out for? any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Glad you changed your mind about photo contests. You certainly have my votes! A new, added stop? How nice... have fun and hope it goes well!


Jennie said...


Great photos, I am sure you will one of the entries if not all of them. I particularly like the one taken at Varanasi.

Good on you for going to Luxor. I presume you are only going for the day, a long trip but worth it. We stayed overnight back in 2008 and enjoyed our time there very much though it was extremely hot.


June said...

I'm happy that you are entering the contest and I wish you the best.
I really like the photo of the buildings on the river.

Thanks again for your time, effort and expense to do this blog.


Liv4cruzin said...

I've been mesmerized by your photos. Especially the 'people shots'. It's like you've captured their souls. Yours look like winners to me.

Knowing how some cultures feel about being photographed, I'm curious. Are you shooting w/ telephotos or are you up close & personal AFTER requesting permission?

Jeff Farschman said...

My people shots come many ways, dependson the circumstances. Some are with a zoom lens, some as I drive by in a vehicle, some with permision and some without.... The man pictured (shoemaker) was with permission, Eel... no permission

John---Phuket said...

Shoemaker shot has been the latest backgound on my computer--certainly deserves to be THE winner !

K said...

Hi Jeff,

Your photos.... deserve to win in all categories.... fabulous!! Sorry I missed your birthday on Sunday. Hope it was happy!! Thanks for the pics and blog and time required to do it. I appreciate and enjoy it.


Jeff Farschman said...

My birthday isn't until Sunday.... Did I miss something?