Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 65 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Great day in Vietnam… Ed, Becky, Allan, Sandra & I took a ship transfer to Ho Chi Minh City… The drive there was 2 hours and every mile was interesting. When we arrived into Ho Chi Minh City at the Rex Hotel we started out walking to the Ben Thanh Market where many photos were taken and a bit of shopping occurred. The sights and sounds of the market were great. Next we walked to the Reunification Palace. From there we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Post Office, both spectacular buildings. Then it was a stroll to the Opera House and meandering the streets and shops of Saigon. It was a fabulous day!!!


whitey said...

I am sure the followers of your travels would appreciate an update on your status with whats going on in Japan.
Hope all is good.


Jeff Farschman said...

All is safe here... The places we just left may have a problem with the Tsunami but we are currently in the clear.

whitey said...

Thanks Bud and not good there at all

guy d said...

I remember vietnam, all the bikes. I remember that we had to watch out so we didn't get run over by them. Glad to hear that you are safe and away from the Tsunami

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the safety of you and your ship, Jeff.

Your day in Ho Chi Minh City has got to be one of my favorites of your trip so far! The pictures of the city and people captured so much, and made it alive!


Stakeout said...

the place looks the same.. but yet not the same with some tall buildings I see in some of your pics.. last time I was there--1967-- on then my first cruise.. and it was free!!... took a pic of the Hotel Majestic back then on one of my side trips into Saigon.. it's a thriving Hotel these days.. with almost the same pic on their new website..

glad you're having a great time and are a-okay with the Tsunami..... we were with you on the Maasdam back in Oct-Nov 21 days.. Lido deck in 'my sunny corner' if you remember.. just got off the Statendam last Friday 28 days thru the Canal.. and you thought the Maasdam was bad with its internet..that was gold on there ....the Statendam is the worst of the worst.. horrendous.. plus it needs a lot of internal a broken stabilizer.. lots of problems

enjoy your adventures.. stay safe and get out in that sun and get some rays...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
I'm glad you're safe. Will be odd knowing your pictures are probably some of the last taken of a once beautiful country, now devastated by the earth quake and tsunamis.
Stay safe,

John---Phuket said...

Thanks again !

My 12 day land tour last September left me with few good shots--I am no photographer-yours bring back the sights and atmosphere of a very fascinating City

Here-everyone is relieved that there were no Tsunami waves--so tragic though for Japan